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Top 5 Belt Buckles for Different Occasions

Belt buckles are definitely back in style, and accessory shops are definitely taking note of this.
It is easier than ever before to get a variety of looks for your buckles: it is to showcase your personality. You can find formal, casual or novelty buckles that are easy to pair with any outfit for any occasion.

Vintage Looks

Vintage belt buckles are very popular right now because of all of the vintage media that people are following, like Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire.

• Some vintage pieces are even collector’s items because of the popular designs that have become rare over the years.

Many belt buckles from vintage periods were made from high quality metal that are worth more than cheap, novelty buckles that low quality retailers sell for a few dollars.

Novelty Buckles

Belt buckles for men are often created with bold designs that allow you to showcase the things you love with all of your accessories.

• Car brands, comic books, career choices, sports, TV shows, movies, military or Americana buckles are incredibly popular with people of a variety of ages.

When you head to a big event like a Super Bowl Party, firefighter’s benefit or even church it can be fun to keep all your accessories matching. You can showcase the things you love in a high quality, designer accessory without drawing too much attention or an inappropriate feel for the event, like a novelty T-shirt might.

Get Something Unique

Custom belt buckles are widely available to help you create something completely unique for your needs.

• Create something as simple as your name or get a unique design that symbolizes something very special like your wedding day, birthday or major accomplishment. These can make great gifts as well.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking these accessories are just for men. There are plenty of belt buckles for women that offer customized lace, heart or rhinestone designs that she is sure to love.

Formal Accessories

High quality silver belt buckles are perfect for a formal occasion, adding a ‘personal touch’ to your suit that fit in at any occasion.

• Silver can be designed to have a bright polished look or a slightly tarnished, vintage look to suit your personal taste. Just be sure to read the instructions so you can make sure you can easily keep up your buckle and always look your best.

A belt buckle made from silver can also be outfitted with semi-precious stones to further increase the value of the piece.

Get the Cowboy Look

Western belt buckles are a classic that will never go out of style.

• Plenty of people in the South or Southwest still love to collect buckles, hats and boots, to create an authentic cowboy look.

Cowboy belt buckles come in a variety of styles which include fun lasso, cowboy hat or cattle styles, but you can also outfit your buckle with a scrawling look or turquoise stones to pay homage, or to add a formal touch. Belt buckles are the perfect accessory when you want to add a personal look to just about any outfit.