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Funny Belt Buckles- It’s Trendy Too!

Belt buckles are definitely back in style! Some may laugh at this statement because in the South, particularly in the Southwest they never went out of style. Interestingly enough, the buckles that younger people are wearing today are taking on a different look than buckles in the past. Its novelty shops that are selling out of belt buckles, trying to keep up with the demand.

Shows like ‘Big Bang Theory’ have built up the idea that belt buckles can be fun accessory that can showcase your interests. You can get an oversized buckle or something with a silly design that can be funny and draw attention too. These buckles are sure to please and become a fun talking point for your friends, every time you wear it.

Showcase Your Favorite Media

Belt buckles make the perfect accessory for someone that wants to be funny or make a reference to their favorite shows or other media.

• With so many characters on TV wearing funny belt buckles, you can easily mimic this look and wear the same one.

• Get the superhero look. There are plenty of belt buckles with superhero logos that you can wear, to make it look like you’ve got a utility belt.

You can also skip mimicking other people’s styles and go straight to something just plain funny. There are plenty of belt buckles, great for getting attention. Vintage gaming accessories, cartoon characters, logos or even bottle openers can be added to your belt buckle to get a look that’s outrageous.

Your buckle can be part of your signature look or add a fun note to any outfit that is sure to get a lot of comments and laughs.

Don’t be Afraid to Go for the Obvious

Some might be willing to take your look a step further and make a joke with your buckle that might raise a few eyebrows.

• An “open here” or “insert coins here to activate” belt buckle can create some humor that will definitely get attention.

• Go ahead and be ironic! Hot dogs, bananas, snakes and more can make a cool design for a belt buckle that can add an extra bit of humor to the design. Go bold and get attention with your buckle that your friends will definitely get a kick out of.

• Sometimes something random adds just the right touch. A mustache, piggy bank, robot, game or just about anything else you can think of can be turned into a belt buckle. Just the idea of something so miscellaneous being used as an accessory will be likely to get you a laugh.

While formal accessories are definitely in again, so are accessories that are good for a few occasions. You can easily create a collection of belt buckles that will get plenty of attention and get people to laugh without going over the top or taking attention away from you, while you are trying to get work done at the end of the day.

If you have a funny idea for a belt buckle it’s probably out there, so don’t be afraid to explore and invest in something that would make a great addition to your novelty collection.