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Here are our belt buckles that have a western or southern theme to them. Everyone loves a great western belt buckle and we have a great selection here. Everything from the huge oversize ones down to the smaller rodeo ones. Then there are the southern buckles that feature the confederate rebel flag and other southern themes. Get some western buckles today!
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Western Bull Rider with Red Belt Buckle Nobody Messes With Texas Bullhorn Belt Buckle Country Music Belt Buckle
Louisiana Map Belt Buckle Vintage Bullhorn Western Belt Buckle Cowboy Horse Saddle Belt Buckle
Souther By the Grace of God Belt Buckle Texas the Lone Star State Belt Buckle Shit Kicker Belt Buckle
Antique Style Oval Belt Buckle Western Horse and Rider Belt Buckle Sheriff Star Belt Buckle
Everythings Bigger In TEXAS Belt Buckle The South Will Rise Again Confederate Flag Belt Buckle Oval Antique Style Belt Buckle
Confederate Flag with Trucker Girl Belt Buckle Chrome Bull Skull Belt Buckle Confederate Flag Belt Buckle
Western Cuba Flag Belt Buckle Oval with Turquoise Stone Belt Buckle Antique Square with Flowers Belt Buckle
Western Chrome with Turquoise Stones Belt Buckle Brown Leather with Studs Belt Buckle Indian Red Eagle Belt Buckle
Aged Oval Belt Buckle Chrome Circle with Design Belt Buckle Official Superman Logo Belt Buckle
Official Superman Logo Belt Buckle Western Style with Gold Horse Belt Buckle Western Style Barbados Flag Belt Buckle
Western Style Dominican Republic Flag Belt Buckle Western Style Peru Flag Belt Buckle Western Style Costa Rica Flag Belt Buckle
Western Style Argentina Flag Belt Buckle Vintage Rectangle Belt Buckle Confederate Southern Pride Belt Buckle
Confederate REBEL Belt Buckle Aged Brass Style Oval Belt Buckle Rebel Flag Bad Ass Belt Buckle
Western with Gold Guns Belt Buckle Western Antique Style Oval with Black Belt Buckle Western Antique Style Oval with Teal Belt Buckle
Metal Oval with Flowers Belt Buckle Confederate Flag with Pink Belt Buckle Western with Turquoise Color Stones Belt Buckle
Here are our western belt buckles. One of our most popular categories with all the classic western style buckles.

Here we will discuss the different styles and themes of our Western Belt Buckles. There are dozens of different ones to chose from but they all contain certain characteristics that put them in the western category.

The main western style buckle people think of is the oversize flashy oval style. Here is an example of that type,  Chrome and Gold Oval with Eagle Belt Buckle. These buckles are large is size and oval shaped. They generally have a detailed engraved design in chrome, gold or other flashy colors. These are still given out as trophies from different rodeo organizations or to commemorate a certain western themed event.

Another major theme in western belt buckles is desert and farm animals. The bull skull is a major decoration in many of our buckles as seen here,  Western Arrowhead with Bull Belt Buckle. The long history of cattle in western lifestyle is the main reason they are featured so prominently in western culture.

The five point star is another decorative piece that you will in several different buckles. Many are a throwback to the classic Sheriff badge,  Sheriff Star Belt Buckle. A staple of many western films from over the years, Sheriff star is instantly recognizable as a western icon.

When is comes to firearms no other image is more iconic to the old west than the Colt Revolver. On the hip of every cowboy, the revolver was the one item that everyone in the old west had to have. We have revolvers featured in different ways, like lighters,  Revolver Lighter Belt Buckle in Holster.