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This article will describe the different types of belt buckles that you will find on the website and what belts they go with.

First we have the basic Heel Roller Buckle. It consists of a simple ring with a pin to fit into the hole on the belt. You will get on the of these with our solid color leather belts and print belts.

Next we have the most common type of buckle we carry, the Loop and Hook Buckle. This type of buckle makes up 98% of the buckles that we sell on this site. It has a swinging loop which the belt attaches to and then a hook on the other side of the buckle which attaches to the hole on the belt.

Next is a version of the previous buckles except it has an attached loop instead of one that swings. It works that same way as before and should affect how it fits to the belt.

Last we have our Clamp Buckle. This buckle will only be found on our web belts. It uses a rotating piece with teeth to clamp onto the end of the belt. This can only be used with our web belts.