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Here we have our buckles with knives and lighters attached to them. These blades are all less than three inches but always be sure to check with your local laws to make sure you are allowed to carry such an item. There are some really great designs here and they can be very convenient when you need to open a package or cut some rope. We even have a few items which feature both a knife and a lighter so you can basically survive in the wild with one little buckle. We just need to add a compass to our next model and you be able to survive any situation. Knives Belt Buckles Knife Belt Buckle

The belt buckles that have a lighter attached to them do not ship with fluid because it is against the law to ship them filled but you can buy the fluid needed at any convenience store.
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Iron Cross Zippo Belt Buckle (Hold Lighter Zippo Holder Belt Buckle (Holds Lighter British Flag with Lighter Belt Buckle
American Flag with Lighter Belt Buckle Wings and Star with Lighter Belt Buckle Scorpion and Wings with Lighter Belt Buckle
Antique Style with Knife Belt Buckle Antique Style Flaming Dice with Knife Belt Buckle